Storming the Savant.

• Cosmic particles involving radiation type influence bathes our body and the Earth at all times. Is this causing enlightening in humans/souls?

• Everything that you see surrounding you came from the conscious energy of somebody. Capabilities of Man.

•Many things that we take for granted came from Uni-verse energies manifested into being.


•Primordial metabolizing from the Sun- interacting with the energy of the Sun and the sacred that is surrounding us all.

•Rediscovering the ancient teachings in a “Millennials Mindset.”

•Understanding forces of blessings and chaos.

• Our Sun is putting out more energy in the last 11,000 years than ever before. Its increase in energetic output maybe changing the energy of the planet.

•Mass extension surrounds us. Over the last 50 years, we’ve lost 15 species of life a day. Mostly because of human disposal. Species including plants, frogs, & birds.

•Only a 6-degree increase in temperature would kill all mankind and the majority of life on Earth.

•6 degrees… That’s. All. Folks.

•Is mankind’s sudden appetite for knowledge a mutation from the Sun’s rise in energetic output?

•World brain=Google.

•Artificial Intelligence is another power hierarchy that we have willingly acquainted with our susceptibilities, durabilities, reflections, and how to estimate.

•Growing up without the Internet VS available datum (data) from birth. Sense datum. Epistemic.

•Natual waves of informative energy are flowing down on us every second passing.

•Our brain sizes have increased.

• Unfolding expansions of awareness: the more we know, the more far-out the unknown can become. Becoming and expanding into the Unknowable awareness.

•We are born with awareness. Facial expressions, movements, tone of voice.

•Mirror neurons exist between parents and children.

•Nobody listens to advise.

(The National Press Club)

Deepak Chopra

moon cycles